New Journey of 2017

Hi there,,, long time enough ya. sorry for my dear blog that haven’t re-write yet. Some business made it busy. Anyway, it 2017 already, wooooooo the new journey should begun right? Ok, let i tell you my plan in this year.

You know, when i graduated from my master program, i had though that my plan will smoothly done. However, some lucky were playing an important role, so that it delayed. Well, it sound not good, but my God know the better plan for me. He was pushing me to learn some strategic first before hand. It took so long and make me think that i have to decide another plan so i will change my way, which mean i should to climb my dream from another field and ways, absolutely it hard but still possible. On other word it was another form of give up, i denied. I have been submit my letter to all of the opportunity that came up, maybe not all of them. However, it still was not my way, they refused me, so sad. I just need more patience and improve it. Fortunately, the new job invited me to being part of them, it kind of a wanted job. My hobby was fulling my day on the last month of 2016. We (I and team) were travelling around some part of Indonesia, still on Java Island and gave the student motivation for study abroad, the importance of English, as well as how to be a good student through hypnotherapy method.Those experience were so awesome to fulfilling my hobby, being an education trainer. What a chance! For a while i let my time to busy with, but i still felt not comfortable at all for some part of my job. Even though it was hobby, still my passion was not in there.

img_20170122_164106At the last but not least, the invitation that i was waiting for just show up. The university call was the same time with my trainer job. I have to make decision for my future, dream and love. In brief story, i concluded that future was more important for my career, as well as affected to love. Thus, I have accepted the calling from university (the dream job ever in my life) to being a lecture, and resign immediately from the hobby’s job (trainer). Its was so complicated, due to the trainer job just accepted me and i have to left it behind. The fastest resign job in my record. haha.

Finally, i was here at the university that accepted me. It kind of small island, next to Bali and located on the middle of Indonesia. Yup, Sumbawa!. The new journey place for 2017’s resolution. My dream, future, and career way will begin at here. It was far away from my home, family and friend, but life always teach me how to struggling, adapting, and social making. I need to go to uncomfortable zone, because it will transform my skill to better of me. Biotechnology Department of Sumbawa Technology University is my home from now on, i will give all out to them. It about passion, man!img-20170118-wa0000

Khotibul Umam, S.Si, M.Sc
Lecture and Vice Dean of Biotechnology Department 
Sumbawa Technology University, Indonesia
Graduated from Ecophysiology Laboratorium
National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan
Telp. +62 878-8934-1758


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