Flying to middle part

“The days will come and gone. The matter was how long your day gone depending on how productive you are”

Spending time at the middle part of Indonesia, always gave me plenty time to be gone. It was so busy, more than i had before, even reminding me to the time when i was a student at Jogjakarta. I had to go in early morning and laying at my bad near the midnight, while, numerous activities fulfilling into the gap. However, i felt excited involving those activities. The boredom is appearing, somehow, as sooner as if the activity gone. My friend said “the need of you is because of half empty heart” Whaddaya mean? anyone can guess? Ok it’s something secret that is important for all of us. That is the clue, if you know, just telling me. 😀

Day by day i felt quiet different with others part of Indonesia. I found something unique at here. The social life, foods, culture, study type and even myths.Absolutely it has.What about the unique things at here. Later i’ll tell you.



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